Yehliu INHOUSE Resort and Hotel is located at Taiwan’s Northern shore scenic area, adjacent to Geological Park and Ocean World. Designed by the highly respected Rockwell Group of New York, overall decoration incorporates original wood colors to create a comfortable, relaxing ambience, modern sophistication could be seen in every corner and has been regarded as the first choice for resort hotel in Northern shore area. 

Staying at the hotel, there is no need to leave the room to enjoy the stunning view of ocean and sky merging together and the display of rocks in spectacular forms as if they were carved by the extraordinary power of nature. At dusk, you can see the soothing view of fishing boat light flickering in the middle of ocean, awaiting the returns of fishing boat filled with harvest of fresh catches. 

Yehliu INHOUSE Resort and Hotel is your best choice in Northern shore area, presenting you the best of what Yehliu has to offer while creating a relaxing stay, it’s time to take vacation with a INHOUSE attitude.