Trend x Technology x Fantasy x Art
We expect our guests to get not just comfortable sleep but also to feel the blend of trendy innovation and art during their stay with us. 

Vacation could be high-tech too

The moment you step inside our hotel, you will find interactive device that are the most fun. The latest fiber optic technology is used for creating virtual animations of all sea life, building a realistic environment, this is your first step to a fun, relaxing vacation.

Vacation could be romantic too

Along the fun interactive device, you will also see a romantic, elegant swivel glass stairs. Taking a closer look, doesn’t it seem like a school of small fish swimming around? It turns out a vacation could be fantastic experience too.

Vacation could be artistic too

The art gallery located at the reception hall of building A exhibits the limited edition paintings of Hou Cui-Xing, a Taiwan-native master painter. These paintings will make you feel like wandering through the quite Eiffel sky, roaming through stunning open space of mountain and water. This is a memory puzzle for a vacation that is filled with gorgeous artistic and youth elements. It turns out vacation could be artistic too!